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In October of 1997, a light-intensified high-speed camera was provided for evaluation purposes by Bill Abrahms of Speed Vision. No one was certain whether or not the camera would be able to see either sprites or elves. Tested for the first time on October 3rd, the camera easily resolved two different sprites (a carrot and a multi-column) with good temporal and spatial detail (the first 3 video images of the carrot sprite are shown above in miniature).

A large number of sprites were captured with the high speed video camera a few nights later on October 6th and 7th (including some impressive carrot and angel sprites). Several elves were also captured on October 6th (one of which is shown above).

Normal speed still pictures are provided below of the 4 events. To access the MPEG movie for each, click on the corresponding picture (to save to one's hard disk (using Netscape) , right-click on the image. Many more sequences of sprites and elves will be provided in the coming weeks.

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